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Hello project managers

Find out more about our project and programme management opportunities

There are thousands of projects of all shapes and sizes being delivered across our group contributing to a mission that lasts well into the next century, with subjects ranging from construction and demolition to IT and transformation.

More than 800 buildings to be demolished as well as unique construction, operational and transformational projects that have never been done before

£4 billion planned expenditure on our mission in 2024/25

Operating in a highly regulated and complex environmental requiring high levels of stakeholder engagement

Our approach

Our nuclear sites house some of the most technically challenging facilities in the world and the work to decommission them requires world-leading project management. In addition, our specialist transport and waste businesses offer unique capabilities, managing globally-respected rail and shipping solutions and taking forward some of the UK’s largest major projects and programmes including work to deliver a Geological Disposal Facility, which will provide a permanent disposal route for radioactive waste in England and Wales.

Our sites are highly regulated, and we work in a complex environment which means that high levels of stakeholder engagement and co-ordination are required when managing projects on our sites and across our group. In addition to front-line operational and decommissioning activities, we also have a number of people, technology, infrastructure and transformation projects across our group.

When you join us, you’re also opening the door to personal and professional development. We work closely with organisations such as the Association of Project Management to ensure that we follow best practice and invest to help you build your future career and enhance your skills.

Industry-leading initiatives

Our Sellafield project academy was created to establish a centre of excellence for the development of project delivery skills. It has been expanded to deliver education packages to the supply chain and external companies so that all organisations can benefit from the training that is delivered. 

Sellafield is also one of the first companies in the world to be acknowledged as an “accredited assessor” for project managers through the Association for Project Management (APM).

Nuclear Waste Services oversees a group-wide Integrated Waste Management Programme which aims to find pioneering solutions and achieve best value for taxpayers by looking at opportunities to manage and treat waste at all of our sites in a joined up way.

Detailed programmes and planning is underway for the expanding mission of Nuclear Restoration Services, with the UK’s fleet of Advanced Gas-Cooled reactors set to move ownership from EDF Energy to the NDA group for decommissioning.

Nulcear Transport Solutions rail and logistics expertise is used to support a range of major infrastructure, construction and decommissioning projects – not just in the nuclear sector, but beyond

Our work also stretches beyond decommissioning. The Energy Act requires that we leave a positive legacy when our decommissioning work is completed. We have detailed socio-economic and social value strategies and plans, investing around £15 million each year with a number of projects aimed at enhancing the communities in which we operate.