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Nuclear Waste Services

Bringing together the UK’s leading nuclear waste management capabilities.

About NWS

Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) is here to make nuclear waste permanently safe, sooner. Its skilled workforce is developing new treatment technologies, services, and facilities to manage and dispose of nuclear waste safely, sustainably, and securely.

Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) manages the Low-Level Waste Repository site in Cumbria and is charged with finding a suitable site and willing community to host a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). It’s also responsible for the NDA group’s Integrated Waste Management Programme and is adding further essential services for customers in the nuclear energy, defence, industrial, medical, and research sectors. 

Simply put, its job is to secure a safer future for us all by managing and disposing of the UK’s nuclear radioactive waste safely and securely for generations to come. Maintaining and developing this knowledge and experience is key to securing and building unique nuclear waste capabilities for the UK and the rest of the world.

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