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At the NDA group, engineers across many disciplines help deliver our long-term decommissioning programme

Multiple engineering disciplines

Some of the most technically challenging projects on the planet

Operating in a highly regulated and complex environment


We’re delivering one of the world’s most important environmental programmes. We are decommissioning sites across the UK that were built as early as the 1940s, when little thought was given to their management after they had reached the end of their operational lives.

We’re dealing with significant, complex challenges, some that are unseen anywhere else in UK industry, and need highly skilled engineers across a number of disciplines to help us meet our commitments and help reduce hazards as part of our nationally important mission.

The NDA group brings together engineers from an extensive range of backgrounds, some with significant nuclear experience and many others from different sectors. Whether you’re interested in chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil or even software or environmental engineering, we have opportunities throughout the group and locations in different parts of the UK.

Our roles

Being an engineer that supports of our decommissioning programme:

  • Enables you to grow professionally, contribute to sustainability and be a crucial part of our world-leading mission tackling first-of-a-kind challenges. We’re committed to ongoing investment in all our colleagues, supporting continued personal and professional development.
  • Provides a unique opportunity to learn from dismantling existing structures and power plants. As well as reducing hazards, this knowledge informs the design of future structures, ensuring they are safer and easier to disassemble when their operational life ends.
  • Involves diverse facilities: chemical plants, research centres, reactor sites, waste management facilities, and more. Each site presents unique challenges based on its age, location, and condition.
  • Contributes to environmental sustainability. Our aim is to prepare our sites for future reuse. You could play a crucial role in ensuring that decommissioning is carried out efficiently, effectively, and in alignment with international best practices.

Current opportunities

We’re delighted that you’re considering a career with the NDA group. Below you’ll see the opportunities that are currently available. When you click on a link you’ll be taken to an application process run by the NDA group company advertising the vacancy.